• Steel tongue drum, a new sound

    A melodic percussion in metal

    The Zenko belongs to the family of steel tongue drums, also known as “tank drums” because this kind of instruments were first made out of propane tanks. The Metal Sounds team has spent a lot of time and energy to create a finely crafted and reliable stainless steel tongue drum. In addition to a high sound quality, we have created a unique hope and design, inspired by our handpan Spacedrum©, for our first steel tongue drum line.

    Design, efficiency and reliability are our three key words. The Zenko is an original melodic percussion (steel tongue drum) made of a specific stainless steel alloy that protects it for life from the rust and helps to hold the tuning of the instrument thanks to its firmness.

    Zenko made in France : Steel tongue drum

    Designed and manufactured in France, Zenko is a patented brand. It’s available in 8 tunings (scales of 9 notes), we can tune it on the diapason 440 Hz or 432 Hz. Special care is given to the finishes: the color of the top can be “copper-like” or natural silver-grey.

    The Zenko is designed for any kind of musicians, or non-musicians, and for many uses: playing with a band or for oneself, making relaxing sounds, for educational or early-learning purposes…

    It’s up to you to find out which tuning will fit with your own sensitivity. Let speak your instinct!


    weight 2.8 Kg (6.17 Lbs)

    diameter 32 cm (12.6")

    height 13 cm (5.12")




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    The ionian scale is a A minor diatonic scale. A A3 in the center will give a deep bass that will be used as a pivot. This scale is very versatile and can be played by beginners or experimented musicians. It fits particularly well with the educational purposes so it's good for schools.


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    The Pygmy scale is a C minor pentatonic scale with a 7th minor. The C4 note in the center gives a medium bass that is used as a pivot. This scale is a pentatonic mode (5 notes that are repeated) that comes from Africa. It will fit perfectly with manu ethnic instruments. A beloved scale by World Music musicians.


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    The Harmony scale is a very versatile scale that combines a C minor and a C# major scale. The C4 note in the center gives a medium bass that is used as a pivot. It offers a large range of different chords bringing inspiration to the musician. This scale is a Metal Sounds creation, just try it!


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    The Solstice scale is based upon an G open tune chord (D G B D) and can be played in a major or minor mode (with the Bb). The B3 note in the center gives a medium/low bass that is used as a pivot. The sharp and flat notes that are around this basic chord gives this model all its richness. For musicians of all level.


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    The Omega scale is a G major scale mainly composed with natural notes. The G3 note in the center gives a deep bass that is used as a pivot. The sprirt of this scale is close to the Middle East harmonies, using many half-tones that offer several interesting combinations. surprising and mysterious, this scale is a Metal Sounds creation.


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    The Penta C is a C major pentatonic scale. A A3 in the center will give a deep bass that will be used as a pivot. This scale is a pentatonic mode (5 notes that are repeted), it be played by beginners or experimented musicians. Perfect to play with other instruments in a C major harmony, this is a highly energetic range.

  • about METAL SOUNDS



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    The Metal Sounds company has been created in october 2011 after 5 years of researchs and partnership between Philippe Maignaut and the Djoliba music store around the creation and the development of the Spacedrum.

    The Metal Sounds’ purpose is to build and sell metal melodic percussion instruments, as handpans (Spacedrum®), steelpans (steeldrums) and tongue drums(Zenko®) . Passionated by music and creation, we are specialized in the metal shaping. Thanks to many years of experience we propose high quality instruments.

    As Art craftmen we’re making our instrument only on order. Our expert advices and the follow-up to your order come in addition to our know-how.

    Our customers is composed of musicians, therapists, associations, music high schools... And also novices interested in this new kind of music instruments.

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